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Basic Computer Skills  


Don’t let fear hold you back from learning how to use “cyber” tools to enrich your spiritual walk. Connect with relatives who have moved far away.  Learn how to send an email with a video or audio message attached to a grandmother who longs to connect with her grandchildren in another state.
 Did you miss church last Sunday?  No problem. Perhaps a video of church services was uploaded to YouTube. To borrow an old AT&T saying “it’s the next best thing to being there.” We’ll be teaching the basics of Microsoft Word (word processing), Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets), emails, PowerPoint and social media (face book, twitter)  The 7 weeks will fly by as you gain more confidence using these tools that God has provided for an awesome journey on the Information Highway.
Searching the Internet for the best data as preparation for your essay assignment is exciting. Bible students need to know the guidelines for distinguishing valid information from personal opinion or even heresy. To register for this course download the Summer 2014 brochure.


The Pursuit of Excellence in Your Christian Walk.

The objective of this course is to challenge, transform and empower the life of any believer – at any level of his/her Christian development.
In her blog “Living on the Tilt”,
Katherine Harms wrote: a Christian does not study the Bible in order to be able to name the books or the authors.  Knowing all the kings from David to Zerubbabel does not make anyone a better Christian. … an intellectual grasp of the text of the Bible is only the starting point.
What the head knows as fact must be transformed by the Holy Spirit into understanding within the heart.
The heart is the source of Christ like behavior, not the brain.
Seven class discussions: (1) Reading is Fundamental/The Dynamics of Words; (2) A Life Less Ordinary - will include the study of God’s Generals in the Healing Evangelistic movement; (3) 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader; (4) Forgiveness/Forgetfulness; (5) Sola Scripture (6) Coram Deo - The Presence of God (7) Understanding People. Four book reports - students’ choice. Final assignment is an essay “How My Life Has Been Impacted by This Course.”
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Building on a Firm Foundation, Holding Fast the Word of Life -- MITT Summer 2014  Class Registration May 1.