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Storm Advisory


 "Storms are an act of nature and often difficult to (forecast). They are strong, fast moving, unpredictable and at times, accompanied by lightening and thunder...our lives are often filled with different types of storms. These are the negative, unexpected things that happen in life that sometimes leave us questioning our faith, our God and our decisions" - President Paul Hylton. There is a certain skill level required to successfully navigate your way through a storm. You may pray and ask God to take you out of the storm or you may pray and trust Him to take you through.
Our goal at MITT is to equip you with navigation tools to get yourself through the storm AND to lead others safely through. Every believer needs to be skillful in using these tools, whether called to pulpit ministry or domestic ministry of raising a family during these stormy times.
"What's it all About, Alfie" (1966) from the movie "Alfie" asks a number of challenging questions concerning the meaning of life from a morality point of view. Representing the world in which we live, Alfie does not have the answers or tools to take anyone through the storm. But the Bible does.


Sat, June 27, 2015  at 3:00 pm


We are planning a glorious time in the Lord as we recognize the academic excellence of five student-warriors.

Three students will be receiving Diplomas in Biblical Studies, one student has earned an Associate in Biblical Studies and one student will be receiving her Bachelor in Biblical Studies degree.


The journey has been fraught with stumbling blocks and many challenges, however, as has been said, the creme rises to the top.  It is an honor and a great privilege to recognize such great achievement.


Our theme for the 2015 Graduation Gala is "Preserving the Integrity of the Gospel". As we are all aware, the present worldview is anti-Christian.  No problem with venerating Buddha or Hare Krishna or even Jim Jones, but there is a visceral response to that blessed Name of Jesus Christ. MITT is committed to identifying our true enemy - ignorance. Exposure of the god of this world, and his leopard-like strategies is key to preserving this treasure in earthen vessels that was secured for us at Calvary.


Celebrate with us on Sat. June 27, 2015 to the Glory of God.


Building on a Firm Foundation, Holding Fast the Word of Life -- MITT Graduation Gala 2015 - June 27, 2015.