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Advanced Standing

A minister can obtain classroom knowledge via actual experience in the local church setting. There are several different ways to obtain advanced standing credits. They are:

Life Experience Credits: 

Based upon an evaluation of ministry, credit and non-credit education, taped teaching series and accomplishments. Maximum credits allowed for LEC's are 30 semester credit hours at the under-graduate level and 8 semester credit hours at the graduate level (Master's only). No life experience can be given at the doctoral level.

Experiential Learning Exam (Undergraduate Level): 

This exam allows us to determine the knowledge that you have gained through experiential learning. It also provides valuable information on "gaps" in your educational journey. We use this information to aid in the design of your course work to finish up your degree program. This insures that your education is thorough and well-rounded.

Who Qualifies?

The individual must be at least 30 years of age and have been in full time ministry (30 hours a week or more) for a minimum of five (5) years as a licensed or ordained minister.


Regardless of the amount of life experience, experiential learning or challenge credits a student receives, 25% of the degree requirements must be completed through course work at MITT or within the BLCS network.

How to Apply: 

Request an Advanced Standing Evaluation Form. This form should be filled out and mailed in with your enrollment application, to include all requested documentation and the $35.00 evaluation fee. The Registrar's Office will inform you of their findings within two weeks to include a proposed schedule of study to complete the degree program.

Published Works:

If you have had books published that correspond with subjects within the degree program you have enrolled into, you may submit the book to gain credit toward your program. The following rules apply:
* The book must be a minimum of 100 pages in length
* The book must not have been submitted for credit towards any other degree from
   another school.

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