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GPA Criteria

Students who consistently achieve academic excellence are awarded the "Dean's Honors List" certificate at the Commencement services. The criteria is as follows:

1. Student must have earned a minimum of 12 semester credit hours (SCH) from CIBCS
2. Student must have matriculated at MITT during the academic year in which the award
is granted. 

3. Eligibility for this certificate is based on the student's cumulative grade point average.
4. No grade points are assigned for classes wherein the student receives a grade of unsatisfactory or failure. No grade points are assigned for classes that the student has taken as an audit class.
5. No grade points are assigned for classes wherein the student receives a mark of incomplete. However, a grade of incomplete can be converted to a letter grade and at such time, the equivalent grade point will be factored into the cumulative grade point average.
6. Student must be in good financial standing with MITT
7. A copy of this certificate will be retained in the students' files.

Dean's Honor List Criteria

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 5.02.23 PM.png

The standard at MITT is one of excellency. Our faculty will work with and pray with  any student until he/she  has developed the educational skills to maintain this standard. We believe God is a God of excellence. It should start with a student's grades. Through faith, prayer, patience, love and additional training, we believe this level of excellence is available to every student!

Transfer of credits applies when a student has earned credits at another school in which he did not complete a degree program and desires to transfer those credits into (CIBCS) to complete his degree. (CIBCS) recognizes credits from accredited institutions that are applicable to our programs. 

A student transferring to MITT from an accredited institution may transfer work for which he has received a "B" or better grade. Credits from approved, but non-accredited institutions must be at the "A" grade level. In addition to the requirement of a minimum grade level on transferred credits, each course to be transferred must apply to the student's program of study.

Maximum Transfer of Credits: A minimum of 25% of the work required for any degree program must be completed directly through MITT. Therefore, a maximum of credits given for life experience, experiential equivalency, and /or transfer of credits towards any degree program is 75% (i.e. in the 120 semester credit hours required for the completion of a Bachelor degree, a maximum of 90 SCH could be transferred or accessed.)

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