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MITT works with Challenge International Bible College which issues degrees that are recognized here in the USA and around the world for Ministry training.

These degrees are recognized in the USA but are NOT Government Accredited which means: 

1.  You cannot get Federal student loans for your studies

2.  You cannot transfer your credit to a University where people pay tens of thousands of dollars per term for their studies

3.  You cannot use your degree for secular employment advancement where an employer has to pay you more because of educational advancement and this includes using your degree on a resume without specifying that it’s not government accredited

The government recognizes that religious education is different in it’s nature and content and allows Religious Exempt degrees to be issued that are accredited under recognized religious accrediting agencies. As well, the vast majority of ministry training in the USA happens under a Religious Exempt banner including famous institutions like Christ for the Nations in Dallas.


The overwhelming reason MITT students take our training is to get high quality training from some of the best instructors in the world at an affordable price.

In churches and ministry circles our training is recognized and respected because of the amazing fruit that is exhibited by our students.

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