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  • What is Life Experience Credit?
    Based upon an evaluation of ministry, credit and non-credit education, and accomplishments. Maximum credits allowed for LEC's are 30 semester credit hours at the under-graduate level and 8 semester credit hours at the graduate level (Master's only). No life experience can be given at the doctoral level. More information can be found on the Advanced Standing Page
  • How do I get started?
    We strongly recommend that all first time students make an appointment with the Registrar or Dean of Students to review the forms, course descriptions, textbooks, and anything else that you will want to know before making this life-changing commitment to study the Word of God.
  • Will my Semester Hour Credits from BLCS be transferable to any other college/seminary/university?
    Students have been successful in having their credits transferred to other institutions with similar academic programs. If your goal is to pursue graduate studies (Masters, Doctorate, etc.) this is an area that should be discussed with the Dean of Students as a part of the enrollment process. We want you to be very comfortable that your time with MITT is time well-spent.
  • What is the Spiritual Enrichment Track?
    Enrolling as an audit student puts on you the Spiritual Enrichment Track. You will receive the same rich instruction and class room experience as any other student. More than one of our Audit students has decided early on that they felt more committed to the program when they enrolled as a credited student. There's something about "reaching" for the prize of the high calling that stretches the student and adds much, much value to their Christian Walk.
  • What degrees and certificates can I earn at MITT?
    MITT offers the following degrees: - Diploma in Biblical Studies - Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies Undergraduate Programs - Associate of Biblical Studies - Bachelor of Biblical Studies Graduate Programs Master's Degree - Master of Theological Studies Doctoral Degree - Doctor of Theological Studies To learn more visit our Degree Programs page.


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