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Scholarship Application

Scholarship Guidelines

1. A limited number of MITT scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis.

2. A maximum of four scholarships will be awarded in each academic year (Sept – June).

3. Applicant will be considered for a scholarship once each academic year (Sept – June).

4. The MITT scholarship is applicable to tuition, only. Application must satisfy all other financial obligations, such as registration fee,
cost of books/study materials, etc.

5. The amount of the scholarship is limited to the cost of one – three credit course.

6. Applicant must be enrolled for credit courses, auditing students are not eligible

7. Applicant must maintain a “B” average to be considered for a scholarship award. This guideline may be waived for a first
semester student.

8. Applicant must be current with his/her financial obligations to MITT.

9. Applicant must demonstrate his/her financial status and need (unemployment, illness, unusual hardship, etc.)

10. Applicant must fill out the request form in its entirety (Below)

11. Applicant must submit the form no later than one week before the semester begins.

12. Application must be submitted to the Dean of Students.

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